IPv6 Essentials

Certification Course (3 Day Package)

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Our 3-Day IPv6 Essentials provides a succinct, in-depth tour of all the new features and functions in IPv6. It guides you through everything you need to know to get started, including how to configure IPv6 on hosts and routers and which applications currently support IPv6. The new IPv6 protocols offers extended address space, scalability, improved support for security, real-time traffic support, and auto-configuration so that even a novice user can connect a machine to the Internet. Aimed at system and network administrators, engineers, network designers, and IT managers, our training will help you understand, plan for, design, and integrate IPv6 into your current IPv4 infrastructure. Contact us or keep reading to learn more.

Whether you're ready to start implementing IPv6 today or are planning your strategy for the future, ETEC's IPv6 Essentials training will provide the solid foundation you need to get started.

Upon completion of this course, the attendees will:
  • Be able to describe features, benefits, and operation of the IPv6 protocol
  • Understand deployment of the IPv6 networks
  • IPv6 features on Cisco IOS routers
  • IPv6 hosts running Microsoft Windows, MAC OSx, Linux, and BSD
  • IPv6 evolution, and capabilities
  • Explore IPv6 deployment strategies
  • IPv6 security

    Currently, ETEC is offering this course for individual companies as a private class. Any inquire, please contact ETEC sales representative to accomodate you for upcoming public class.
    Course Content:
  • Introduction to ipv6
  • IPv6 Protocol Fundamentals
  • IPv6 Operation and Architecture
  • IPv6 Name Services
  • IPv6 Technical Details
  • IPv6 Migration and Transition
  • IPv6 Deployment Strategies and Scenarios
  • IPv6 Security and Mobility

  • Minimum Requirements:
  • Students should have strong background on IPv6 design and subnetting.
  • Currently hold any Networking Certification.

  • For more information about this class, contact a training consultant today.