Basic Hands On Skill Test

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Verification of student’s ability to use the core skills taught in online course GVF510 in a hands-on environment.

Skills Overview:
Assemble a typical VSAT; pre-set pol and elevation angles; find a designated satellite; accurately peak azimuth and elevation using the beam balance method; accurately set linear polarization; terminate a cable with a connector; weather seal the connector; general workmanship and neatness.. Contact us to schedule your HOST exam or keep reading to learn more. (Detail)

Currently not available.

The GVF Basic HOST is administered by approved GVF Examiners at locations worldwide. It may be given stand-alone or in combination with a supplementary training session, at the discretion of the instructor. ETEC, LLC based in Houston, TX is recognized as a GVF regional training and practical Hands On Skill Test (HOST) testing center. Students will be able to sign up at ETEC for both GVF and ETEC certification training courses.

At ETEC, we're offering the delivery of the GVF Basic HOST exam 2 ways:

  • Exam Only ($200) - Standard exam fee.
  • Exam Review and Hands On Exam ($400) - A comprehensive review in the morning covering the below listed objectives followed by the hands on exam in the afternoon.
  • Review Cabling and Connectors, Proper installation and termination of cabling.
  • Review how to weather proof connections.
  • Review assembly and guideline to installing a typical Non-pen mount Antenna.
  • Review proper use of a inclinometer and compass.
  • Review proper pointing procedures .
  • Review good site selection and common issues.
  • Prerequisites:
    The student should complete GVF510 (Core Skills for VSAT Installers) prior to attempting the HOST.

    The required skills must be demonstrated to an approved GVF Examiner.

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