Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
(CCIE Routing and Switching)

Written Certification Course (6 Day Package)

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The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is considered worldwide as the most prestigious networking certification in the industry. Network Engineers holding a CCIE certification are recognized for their expert network engineering skills and mastery of Cisco products and solutions. ETEC continually updates and revises its tools and methodologies to ensure unparalleled program quality and value. With an advanced hands-on CCIE bootcamp approach to give you the knowledge and skills, ETEC is confident that you will pass the Cisco CCIE 400-101 Written Exam.

This is a very demanding course. Candidate must have a strong background and experience in Routers and Switches. We're here to help you succeed. Please contact us for more information.

During the 6 days, you will:
  • Follow a lab-intensive curriculum
  • Learn to design and configure targeted CCIE® written exam objectives
  • Focuses on the competencies that are needed to plan, implement, and troubleshoot
  • Take Cisco CCIE 400-101 Written exam

Location Houston, TX
Date Session
01/15/18 - 01/20/18 Afternoon
03/19/18 - 03/24/18 Morning
06/04/18 - 06/09/18 Morning
08/20/18 - 08/25/18 Morning
12/03/18 - 12/08/18 Morning
Course Content:
  • Implement Layer 2 Technologies
  • Implement STP, VLAN, VTP, trunk and trunk protocols
  • Implement EtherChannel, load-balanceSPAN, RSPAN, and flow control
  • Implement Frame Relay, High-Level Data Link Control and PPP
    Implement IPv4
  • Implement IP version 4 addressing, subnetting, and VLSM
  • Implement IPv4 routing protocols: RIPv2, OSPF,ISIS, EIGRP and BGP
  • Implement IPv4 tunneling, GRE, filtering, route redistribution, summarization
  • Implement synchronization, attributes, and other advanced features
    Implement IPv6
  • Implement IP version 6 (IPv6) addressing and different addressing types
  • Implement OSPFv3 and EIGRPv6
  • Implement tunneling techniques, filtering and route redistribution
    Implement MPLS Layer 3 VPNs
  • Implement Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Implement Layer 3 virtual private networks (VPNs) on PE, P, and CE routers
  • Implement virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) and Multi-VRF Customer Edge
    Implement IP Multicast
  • Implement PIM, MSDP, MLD and interdomain multicast routing
  • Implement PIM Auto-RP, RP, and bootstrap router (BSR)
  • Implement multicast tools, features, and source-specific multicast
    Implement Network Security
  • Implement ACL, Zone Based Firewall, uRPF and IP Source Guard
  • Implement AAA, CoPP, Cisco IOS Firewall and IPS
  • Implement SSH, 802.1x, NAT, device access control and security features
    Implement Network Services
  • Implement Redundancy Protocols: HSRP, GLBP and VRRP
  • Implement NTP, DHCP and WCCP
    Implement Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Implement Modular QoS CLI, Cisco AutoQoS, RSVP, DiffServ and IntServ
  • Implement Layer 2 QoS: WRR, SRR, LFI and generic traffic shaping
  • Implement Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)
    Troubleshoot a Network
  • Troubleshoot complex Layer 2 and 3 network issues
  • Implement Layer 2 QoS: WRR, SRR, LFI and generic traffic shaping
  • Implement Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)
    Optimize the Network
  • Implement syslog, local logging and IP Service Level Agreement SLA
  • Implement NetFlow, SPAN, RSPAN, and router IP traffic export (RITE)
  • Implement SNMP, EEM, RMON, FTP, TFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS and Telnet
    Evaluate proposed changes to a Network
  • Evaluate interoperability of proposed against deployed technologies
  • Determine operational impact of proposed changes to an existing network
  • Alternative solutions when incompatible changes to an existing network

  • Extensive Lab and Hands-On sessions
  • Each Certified Instructor brings years of field experience to the classroom
  • Each student will design and configure many labs which cover exam objectives
  • Each student will "learn by doing" with hands-on labs
  • Each student has exclusive access to all Cisco® network devices

  • Course Exams:
  • 400-101: CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam

  • Minimum Requirements:
  • Five or more years working experience in implementing and administering and design LAN network
  • Five or more years working experience in implementing and administering and design WAN network
  • Solid grasp of TCP/IP and fundamental networking concepts

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